Welcome to my little space of this Blog land.

I'm Hema and I live in Bangalore, India. 

I have been working in the corporate sector- Human Resources department.  I quit the job quite recently and have dedicated my time to my all time passion art and craft.   I was very much interested in drawing and craft ever since my childhood, this I feel I have picked it from my mother. I have learnt the traditional style of painting like Tanjore art; Mysore art , painting on silk cloth, mural art to name.

I want to share my creations with you all here in this small Blogland of mine. The craft bug caught me a few years ago when I was surfing net and happened to check something on YouTube.   My eyes rolled on a beautifully designed card and that happened to be a tutorial. I went through the video and zaaap my jaw dropped down.   I admired the way  this lady explained the process of making a card.  From here on this strong obsession took over me.  I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate my work to this beautiful lady who has not only inspired me but a lot of people out there.  Want to know who she is. ....... well she is


Most of the people out there know her work and she is Ambassador for Spellbinders.  I follow her work and reflect most in my creations. 

I want to share my work and ideas over here. I have to confess that I enjoy whatever little things I have been doing.  This gives me immense pleasure.   Hope that you all out there do visit my blog and leave your comments and suggestions so that I can improve myself and do create more.

Thank you so much and God bless. 


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